Ulrich closes district office due to coronavirus outbreak

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Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the City Council has suspended all office walk-ins, meetings and hearings.

That means starting March 16, Councilman Eric Ulrich has closed his district offices. Staff will be working from home, and calls will be forwarded to Ulrich and senior staff.

Constituents will be assisted through email and social media platforms.

Here is a list of Ulrich’s staff and contact information:

  • Councilman Eric Ulrich: eulrich@council.nyc.gov
  • Chief of staff – Kevin Tschirhart: ktschirhart@council.nyc.gov
  • Scheduler, community liaison – Jenna Donohue: JeDonohue@council.nyc.gov
  • Deputy chief of staff, community liaison – Robby Schwach: rschwach@council.nyc.gov
  • Deputy chief of staff – Ciara Donley: cdonley@council.nyc.gov
  • Budget director – Matthew Pecorino: mpecorino@council.nyc.gov
  • Legislative director, community liaison – Marjorie Coello: mcoello@council.nyc.gov
  • Community liaison – Pietro Ruggero: pruggero@council.nyc.gov
  • Community liaison – Nazia Ahmed: nahmed@council.nyc.gov.

“I cannot stress how serious the situation has become,” Ulrich said. “This is a serious public health emergency.

“People should not go about business as usual,” he added. “I am very concerned about community spread and urge my constituents to take extra precaution and to stay indoors whenever possible.”


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