Gillibrand to bring airport worker to State of the Union

For tonight’s State of the Union address in Washington D.C., Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is bringing an injured airport worker as her guest.

Hacheler Cyrille, a young mother, was 17 weeks pregnant when she fell on a baggage conveyor belt while working at JFK Airport for American Airlines contractor Eulen America.

Eulen America has been accused of endangering workers’ health and safety in the past.

Cyrille said Eulen made it difficult to get her job back after the incident. The New York City Human Rights Commission is currently investigating her pregnancy discrimination complaint.

By bringing Cyrille to the State of the Union, Gillibrand will highlight the need for responsible contractors and prioritizing safety for workers.

“Women like Hacheler are essential to ensuring that workers have the right to join together and fight for the pay and protections they deserve,” Gillibrand said.


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