Google hosts computer science event

Google joined Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman on Wednesday to visit PS 15 Jackie Robinson School in St. Albans to deliver CS First Roadshow, a computer science education presentation.

Two Google employees spoke to and taught students about problem solving and technical coding skills through interactive activities.

They encouraged the students to develop an interest in computer science education by giving them real-life examples of how coding and STEM education can lead to educational opportunities and careers.

“The tech industry is projected to grow significantly in the near future. Students in our community need to be ready for the careers and opportunities of the 21st century,” Hyndman said.

“Kids are exposed to technology at such an early age, but don’t necessarily get to learn about why computer science should be an important part of their lives, both now and in the future,” said Google spokesperson Carley Graham Garcia. “We want the next generation of students to be able to create technology, not just consume it.”


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