105th Precinct busts four after finding loaded gun

The marijuana and loaded firearm recovered from the search.

A group of four individuals were busted for having a loaded firearm in their car in Cambria Heights last night by the NYPD 105th precinct’s midnight conditions team, according to Deputy Inspector Jeffrey Schiff.

According to Schiff, the area near 117-24 231st Street, where the four perpetrators where arrested has suffered from a rash of robberies and a number of shots fired that ended in property damage.

Schiff said his officers came upon marijuana smoke emanating from the vehicle prior to the search, which yielded the loaded gun.

“Two of the perpetrators have prior arrests for murder and other firearm possessions,” Schiff said. “One would tend to believe given the aforementioned set of facts that they were likely planning on doing something nefarious and we were able to stop them before they did so.”


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